30 Days of Thanksgiving

With all the craziness (the happy kind!) going on in my life I know I could never keep up with posting daily so here it is in one fell swoop… 30 Days of Thanksgiving!

I give thanks for…

  1. the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.
  2. the best mother a daughter could ever hope for… if I can show my daughters even half the love she showed me through my life I will be thrilled with gratitude.
  3. having an opportunity to share with my mother the sentiment above… we had absolutely no idea in that moment that she would pass on just a few short months later.
  4. my beloved Nana, who left this earth far too young at age 91. She left a legacy of love to my sisters and I, and to our children, and to our children’s children.
  5. being raised by an artist (mom) and a geek (dad).
  6. growing up with my three crazy sisters… so many fun and humorous memories!
  7. the blessing of motherhood!
  8. the blessing of daughters… three lovely girls and the honor and privilege of raising them into women.
  9. the blessing of sons… two, so far, through marriage to my daughters.
  10. the blessing of being a grandmother… along with a longing to be a mother was, for as long as I can remember, a longing to be a grandmother!
  11. the blessing of seven super sweet grandchildren… they have brought so much joy into my life!
  12. blue’s hues! my favorites!
  13. a second chance at going to college.
  14. wild and crazy adventures with PineappleParasol!
  15. ch-ch-ch-changes… beyond my imagination!
  16. courage to do scary things.
  17. strength to do difficult things.
  18. southern butter pecan cupcakes.
  19. unicorns, faeries, and rainbows… yes, I am being serious!
  20. being a Virginian.
  21. faithful friends who see the best in me even when I’m at my worst.
  22. comfy Levi’s jeans.
  23. butterfly kisses from my granddarlings.
  24. my morning espresso!!
  25. Wegman’s… ’nuff said.
  26. all the wonderful museums in DC… my favorite place to play.
  27. the gift of creativity.
  28. solitude.
  29. hope.
  30. grace grace grace grace GRACE! and did I mention GRACE?!
About {kate}

The short story…

I am Kate... a lifelong artist and maker, a mum and grandmum, curator of vintage curiosities, storyteller, student, believer, geek, designer, faithful rebel, photographer, espresso lover, and more... still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up...

Artful Sparrow is my personal blog... feel free to grab a cuppa and visit for a while.

You can also find me out and about on the interwebs as KateByDesign. ;)