Ten Years Ago…

On a beautiful and clear September morning, I was running errands very early and had driven about 20 minutes away to hand-deliver a bill so it wouldn’t be late. On the drive I was suffering from an intense headache which seemed to worsen by the minute. I had occasional migraines during that time, and this […]

Gone Pink

I thank God that my mom is a breast cancer survivor. In honor of her and so many other women (and men) who have experienced breast cancer, I’ve gone Pink for October! Please visit PinkforOctober.org, American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen for the Cure, or other sites to learn about breast cancer symptoms, early detection, […]

QotD: Banned From the Karaoke List

What song do you wish would never show up on a karaoke list? Christmas Eve in Washington by Maura Sullivan. Be thankful all ye who live far, far outside the beltway and do not share the insufferable experience of hearing this song overplayed through every Christmas season since, I don’t know… 1977 or so? I […]

They Say It’s My Birthday

And… well… it is… and I’m another year older… whether I want to be or not. In other news… belated HB to my sweet peeps A & J. I’d say more except I’m too sick to write and nobody would read it anyway.

Setting Sail

I am retiring my old domain and sailing on to bluer skies… or perhaps a darker roast. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

moving along

upgrading, updating, tweaking and beautifying… things are moving along here and i’m so relieved to finally be getting to the other side of the MT3 upgrade talking to myself a little less today and that is always a good sign ;-) maybe i’ll actually start blogging again ==:-O note to self: categories sidebar, ummm… write […]

saying goodbye

i am in shock. abby is gone. her condition spiraled down and the decision was made to let her go. i kissed her sweet red head goodbye and told her to go chase squirrels and birds and sleep in peace. my heart is heavy.

happy is the family…

there just aren’t words…