Ten Years Ago…

On a beautiful and clear September morning, I was running errands very early and had driven about 20 minutes away to hand-deliver a bill so it wouldn’t be late. On the drive I was suffering from an intense headache which seemed to worsen by the minute. I had occasional migraines during that time, and this […]

A Dream and a Hug

For the second time since my mom died a year ago, I dreamed about her. The first time it happened, I dreamed she was dying in the hospital but, unlike the way it happened in real life, she was conscious and I was able to tell her how much I loved her and how she […]

Resting in Christ’s Righteousness

The gospel encourages me to rest in my righteous standing with God, a standing which Christ Himself accomplished and always maintains for me.(a)(b) I never have to do a moment’s labor to gain or maintain my justified status before God!(c)(d)(e) Freed from the burden of such a task, I now can put my energies into […]

Sweet Charlotte

A sweet gift from heaven arrived into the arms of a new mommy and daddy today. After nine long months of waiting, Spencer and John finally had the great joy of meeting their new baby daughter, Charlotte Abigail, face to face. She is healthy, pink and angelic and we are all so relieved that she […]

QotD: Complimentary

What is the greatest compliment you’ve received? That I’m the best mom ever… when said to me by my children in the context of their knowledge of my many flaws and shortcomings… that’s grace. :-)